50 Ways To Kill Me - Legalize Suicide

50 Ways To Kill Me - Legalize Suicide

50 Ways To Kill Me - Legalize Suicide Singer: 50 Ways To Kill Me
Title: Legalize Suicide
Size MP3 rar: 1714 mb.
Size FLAC rar: 1527 mb.
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 499
Label: Fecal-Matter Discorporated ‎– FMD-099
Type: CDr
Country: US
Date of released: 2005
Category: Electronic, Rock
Style: Grindcore, Industrial, Pop Rock, Punk, Gabber, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Electro, Synth-pop

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50 Ways To Kill Me - Legalize Suicide
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50 Ways To Kill Me - Legalize Suicide
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1 When I'm Sleeping Pave Me To The Street The Night Before A Parade Of Elephants
2 Bite Off My Nuts Then Crucify Me
3 Bring Me To Church So That After I Beat The Shit Out Of The Priest Fro Trying To Rape Me, A Cop Beats The Shit Out Of Me
4 Put Me On A Spaceship And Send Me Into The Sun
5 Use Me For Bait When You Go Fishing
6 Make Me Watch Reruns Of Full House On Warped VHS Tapes While You Feed Me An M-80 Sandwich
7 Pretend My Nose And My Two Eyes Are The Three Holes On A Bowling Ball, Clentch My Skull With A Mighty Fist, And Go For A Strike
8 Put Me In A Cartoon And Animate Me Getting Killed
9 Make Me Go Through 12 Grades Of Highschool So That I Get So Depressed In My Teens That All I Have To Do Is Listen To 50 Way To Kill Me CD Once And I Already Found A Way To End It
10 Chop Off My Penis With Children's Scissors And Put It In A Fryer And Serve It Between Two Buns
11 Drop A Cinder Block On My Head
12 Break My Heart With A Sledge Hammer Part 2
13 Make Me Get Gang Banged By The Entire Clergy So My Asshole Starts To Bleed Soooo Goddamn Much That Not Even Satan Can Repair It
14 When I Order A Drink At The Bar, Slip A Roofy Into My Drink
15 Strangle Me With A Microphone Cord
16 When I Have My Back Turned Charge At Me And Attack When I Least Expect It
17 Impale My Heart With A Penis
18 Slice Open My Neck With A Rusty Tuna Can
19 Transform Me Into A Donut So Cops Eat Me
20 Take A Glass Jar Of Salsa And Break It Over My Knee Cap Then Stab Me In The Heart With It
21 Hold A Gun To My Head And Make Me Watch Abortions All Night And If I Laugh At Abortions Then Pull The Trigger
22 Put Me In A Gigantic Cacoon So That After I Come Out In 9 Months As A Penis With Butterfly Wings Chop Off My Head And Feed It To Nuns
23 Get Pregnant And Then Give Birth In A State That Allows Capital Punishment So That After You Kill Your Kid I Get Fried
24 Give Me A Toy Gun To Hold While Walking Past A Cop So He Shoots Me
25 Pretend My Neck Is A Package In The Mail From Grandma And Dice It Open With A Box Cutter
26 When The Cops Are'nt Looking Burn Me With An Iron
27 Stuff My Nose Down Your Slophole And Excrete A Wet Blasphemous Queef
28 Put A Kitten In A Tarantula's Web And If I Laugh At It (Which I Will) Feed Me To A 20 Foot Long Anaconda
29 Send Me Back In Time To The Crusades
30 Take Me To Suicide Island
31 Let Pat Barry (AKA Fat Pat) Drive My Car While I'm Asleep At The Wheel And Drives Into A Telephone Pole (Based On A True Story, Fat Pat I Hope You Suck A Dick In Hell)
32 Put Super Glue On The Toilet Seat So That Next Time I Have To Let Turds Fall Out Of My Asshole I Starve To Death
33 I'm Going To Walk Into A Dark Room Filled With People That Hate Me With A Blindfold On, The Second I Turn On The Lights, ATTACK!!!!!
34 Stab A Pen Through My Neck
35 Offer Me A Pill Of Rat Poison And I'll Say Yes
36 Drown Me
37 Put Me In A Hot Air Balloon Then Shoot It With A Gun UP In The Air
38 Legalize Suicide (So I Can Fucking Do It)
39 Make Me Dance The Official 50 Ways To Kill Me Dance (Which Always Results In Death)
40 Set It Up So I'm Just At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
41 Stuff A Sock In My Mouth So No One Can Hear Me Scream, Then Punch Me In The Stomach So Hard That Doodie Shoots Out Of My Booty And My Anus Lips Shatter And I Die From Having A Heart Attack
42 Stab Me In The Lungs With Scissors
43 Help Me Find An Electric Fence To Whizz On
44 Impale Me With A Kitchen Knife
45 Crackle My Ballsack With A Nutcracker And If I Don't Like It Chop Off My Head And Throw It Into A Basketball Hoop, Magic Johnson Would Be Impressed But He Also Has AIDS So His Opinion Is Shit
46 Strangle Me With A Phone Cord
47 Put A Broomstick In My Dickhole
48 Send Me Out Into The Cold With No Clothes And Icecubes Duct Taped To My Ballbag
49 Drive An Elephant's Tusk Into My Cranium
50 When Suicide Is Finally Legalized, Tell Me To Do It, And I Will